Michigan Governor's
High School Cyber Challenge

This summer, all Michigan high school students are invited to participate in a series of challenges designed to test their knowledge of cybersecurity, computer science and information technology.

These challenges are entirely FREE!

The only requirements are an interest in cybersecurity
and access to a computer.
An example of challenge in CyberStart

01 | How does it work?

This is a great cybersecurity learning opportunity for all high-school level students in Michigan, including but not limited to those involved in homeschooling, after-school programs, youth development and apprenticeships.

Round 1

Held entirely online via the CyberStart platform!

Registration required.

When registration opens in June, students will need to complete the program registration form. If you are eligible to participate, you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on getting set up with CyberStart.

CyberStart is a high quality, online, gamified learning platform designed to teach, enthuse and test cybersecurity skills in young people.

CyberStart has been played by thousands of students worldwide and encourages them to try cybersecurity by putting fun first, via an engaging and addictive learning experience. Students jump into the thrilling world of a cyber agent, where they solve crimes and gain real world cybersecurity skills through over 200 practical challenges across four exciting bases.

By simply playing the game, students gain highly respected and desirable industry skills including forensic analysis, password security and programming. The beginner-friendly learning curve gently onboards and progressively challenges students, meaning that anyone can advance their skills in cybersecurity.

You will have free and full access to play all the challenges in CyberStart until Wednesday, Sept. 27 2023, and are encouraged to complete as many challenges as you can!

Round 1 is a non-timed challenge in which students are encouraged to use CyberStart's built-in Field Manual, and to scour the internet to help them solve the challenges. The top players will be selected to advance to Round 2.

Photo of Nicholas


"CyberStart genuinely was my first introduction to cybersecurity. Now I'm placing top 10 in every competition I'm in. You learn a lot, and best of all, it's fun!"

Round 2

The top 10 teams selected from Round 1 players

By invitation only.

Round 2 is an exciting opportunity to showcase the cybersecurity skills you've developed through CyberStart. During Round 2, you will participate in a thrilling cyber range via SANS Core NetWars, where you'll put your knowledge to the test and earn points for each cybersecurity challenge you conquer at an in-person, live championship event! You'll be able to see how you stack up against other students on a scoreboard as you gain hands-on, real-world experience in a fun and challenging environment.

SANS Core NetWars is the ultimate Cyber Range experience, offered by the esteemed SANS Institute - the leading global provider of cybersecurity education, training, and certification. NetWars Core consists of a series of interactive challenges and scenarios that test participants' knowledge and skills in various areas of cybersecurity, including network security, penetration testing, digital forensics, and incident response. NetWars is designed for all levels of cybersecurity expertise and offers a series of engaging and immersive challenges that cover a broad range of topics across five levels of increasing difficulty.

Round 2 will take place in person on Oct 18 at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan during the 2023 Michigan Cyber Summit. Students should bring their own devices to participate in Round 2.

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"The gamified environment made it fun and the hints were a welcome feature that really helped make progress in a limited time frame."

Register your interest in the 2023 Michigan Governor's High School Cyber Challenge

Register interest The only requirements are an interest in cybersecurity and access to a computer.

02 | What are the key dates and eligibility criteria?

Key dates

Round 1 registration opens:

June 6 2023

Round 1 points deadline:

Sept 27 2023

Round 2 event at MI Cyber Summit:

Oct. 18 2023

Eligibility criteria

All Michigan high school students are invited to participate and the challenge is entirely FREE! The only requirements are an interest in cybersecurity and access to a computer.

Participation in Round 2 will require accompaniment by a member of school staff as a coach / chaperone.